The ClearCold system was developed due to a series of events that led to its discovery in 2011. This does not cure a cold. It stops it from progressing. I have not suffered the effects of a cold using the ClearCold system after 2011.

  • Remember to always wash your hands before and after performing this routine.
  • Use gentle pressure. Under no circumstance should you harm yourself performing this.
  • Make it a habit. Performed daily it will make a difference in your life.​

You will also find that your energy level will be more consistent by making this routine a habit. Viruses are always on the attack and keeping them at bay makes a difference. This can help everyone to feel healthier and keep your mental awareness and physical aptitude strong. 

A home remedy

Use ClearCold to control and stop your cold!


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The CLEARCOLD system.

​​Swipe gently from the top to the bottom of the tonsil area on both sides.

Consistently performing these steps will stop the cold virus from progressing.

Even as you begin to feel better continue to check often.

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Repeating this routine is critical when a cold is in its initial stages. Continue until the symptoms stop as the virus will try to develop and take hold. The ClearCold system will stop the cold virus. You must continue this until the symptoms stop.


​Do this routine daily to prevent a cold.

The ClearCold system will keep the common cold virus from becoming anything more than just an annoyance.

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Why it works

This is a good question. I do not have an answer to that. I just know it works. You will feel the cold symptoms reverse. Tired eyes become less tired. A runny nose stops draining. Your immune system can recover from the cold virus much faster using the ClearCold system. Your experience may vary but I assure you that the cold virus will not effect you the same again.

This is not psychological. This practice helps keep the viruses that we catch in check and allows our immune system to eliminate them quicker and easier.

With the first symptoms of a cold do the following:

(Always wash hands before and after.)

​NOTE: Only swipe the tonsil area.

1. Using your right forefinger, with the soft side toward the tonsil area, gently swipe from the top to the bottom of the right tonsil area

2. Using your left forefinger, with the soft side toward the tonsil area, gently swipe from the top to the bottom of the left tonsil area.

​3. Repeat often.